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I Don’t Answer Face Time Calls

I’ll tell you right now, I do not answer Face Time calls.

I don’t know what happens to the camera on the iPhone during a face time call (or maybe it is how I really look but I’m refusing to admit it) but I swear the Aging Booth app is built into that thing and I can’t even look at myself. 

I am 45 years old, so I have the normal wrinkles and creases people my age do (although I am a fanatic about skin care and staying out of the sun — but that’s for another post), but my facial lines don’t look THAT BAD in my bathroom mirror.  I can stomach looking at them. On the iPhone though, I look like the crypt keeper.  The iPhone takes beautiful pictures, but when you turn on Face Time, something goes horribly wrong.  I thought it would be so cool to see the person you are talking to — NOT!

For safety reasons, I have my kids texts show up on my iPad and for some reason the girls’ Face Time calls come through as well.  I feel bad but I decline the call right away.  I’ll tell the girls to that their friend is trying to reach them but I am not answering it. 

Have you ever accidentally Face Timed someone? That always puts me in a panic because I start hitting buttons to shut it off before the call can go through.  I look like a spaz banging away at the phone.

Maybe Apple is in cahoots with all of the doctors that handle facial injections.  I’m sure Face Time is a huge money maker for those guys 🙂

If I had any guts I’d post a picture of myself on Face Time to let you see what I’m talking about.  Maybe in a future post . . . I’m just getting started here.