Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog.

I’m a mom who gave up a great career to raise my three kids.  After 10 years of not working (I did some part-time work and volunteered a TON), I now work as a marketing consultant and have been getting “me” back.

Why am I writing this blog?  For years I was an open book.  If you asked me something I would give you an honest answer.  No BS.  Then I became a mother and entered into this strange world that turned my life upside down. 

The isolation, competitiveness, (Jack knows his abc’s and how to spell already at age 3, what can your kid do? Give me a break), and total lack of control that I had over my small kids turned me into someone that I didn’t even recognize anymore. I got some very bad advice when one of my kids was acting out in preschool.  “Don’t talk to your friends about it,” said the teacher, “everyone will label your child and no one will want to have her over for play dates.  She’ll be the one that everyone blames first.”

So for years I suffered in silence, making my usual sarcastic jokes here and there but largely shutting up about my problems and guess what?  I was super lonely, super depressed and it was awful.  Once I started talking to my friends again, admitting the real deal with kids, my marriage, my life — things have gotten a lot better.

That’s why I named this blog Vent-Elated, because when you vent (constructively, of course) you find that you are not alone and there are others that feel the way that you do. 

So this is the real deal on what I think, things I notice, random thoughts and how I feel about getting older.

If you like it, great.  If you don’t, I will quote my mother, “Too bad, so sad.” You can choose not to read it 🙂



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