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Does Anyone Else Miss Paper Towels in Bathrooms?

I know it’s not PC to admit that you like using paper towels in bathrooms but I have to admit that I really miss those paper towel dispensers.

I know that these fancy air dryers are saving trees and keeping the bathroom cleaner.  I get it, but honestly, it takes so much longer to dry your hands under the dumb dryer and I just end up wiping my hands on my pants.  I will give kudos to Nordstrom who probably has the best air dryers around, but even so, there’s something freaky about g-force winds sucking the water off your hands before you leave the bathroom.

Can’t you just put some paper out with the dryers so that those of us who want a paper towel can get one?  Is it too much to ask?  I promise I will put my paper towel in the trash can.


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So Tired of The Gray Cover Up

Tired of Coloring Hair

When I was sixteen I remember sitting in the hairdresser’s chair trying desperately to get a haircut that would make me look like one of the models in SEVENTEEN.

My mother insisted that we go her hairdresser, Maureen, a stylist with a mind of her own who did what SHE wanted to your hair. “Just a trim” meant two inches had to go because in her mind there was just too much “damage.”  God, if she could only see me now after 20+ years of hair color.  Damage is an understatement.

Anyway, I didn’t have a great love for Maureen, and that day, as she was butchering my hair and making me look 30 instead of 16 she exclaimed, “Oh my God, look at this – a gray hair,” and then she plucked it from my head.  I did not believe her at first, but when she showed me the long gray hair there was no denying it.  I was horrified but moved on.  I mean, I was only 16.  It was a fluke – right?

Fast forward almost 30 years later, thousands of wasted hours and dollars later, and I am still fighting a losing battle against my full head of gray hair.  Would you know that my hair is solid white?  Hell no, you would not because I spend every 2 weeks coloring it, hiding it and maintaining it.  But my hair grows fast and is very thick.  A great head of hair, but a nightmare for someone who is constantly sprouting skunk stripes.

One of my friends cracks me up because she has a friend who went gray and posts selfies of herself in all her gray glory on FB.  She sends me photos of the gray lady all the time saying, “Don’t do it.  Look how old it makes you look.”  She’s right. I know it.  But I just want to stop the madness.  Enough is enough already.  When can I just be me? 

Sigh.  I think the answer is never.

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My Name Is Not Rachel . . . So Why Do I Answer To It?


Ok.  I don’t understand this but I am constantly called Rachel.  Rachel (RAY- CHULL) is not the same name as Raquel (RAH –KELL).  They are not spelled the same, pronounced the same and are entirely different names yet inevitably, by the end of every conversation, the person I am talking to says “bye Rachel” to me. UGH – and like a dope I cheerfully say “bye” right back and I don’t remind them that my name is Raquel.  Why do I do that??

I have gotten so used to it that when someone says “Rachel” I just answer to it.  The nurse in the doctor’s office will starting asking for “Rachel” to come on back, so I just get up and go whether or not there is a real Rachel in the room (and sometimes there is actually a Rachel — embarrassing!).

It’s like calling Carrie the name Karen or Donna the name Diana.  They are two different names right?  Don’t you get mortified when you call someone the wrong name? I even had someone that I thought knew me pretty well call me Rachel at Home Depot the other day.  I was bummed but answered to it anyway.  Maybe I’ll start an “I am not Rachel campaign” and see what happens.  In fact, I’m declaring right now that I’m going to start correcting people from this day on.

No more Rachel for this Raquel.

Do you get called the wrong name?  Do you tend you call others the wrong name?  Let me know!


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I Don’t Answer Face Time Calls

I’ll tell you right now, I do not answer Face Time calls.

I don’t know what happens to the camera on the iPhone during a face time call (or maybe it is how I really look but I’m refusing to admit it) but I swear the Aging Booth app is built into that thing and I can’t even look at myself. 

I am 45 years old, so I have the normal wrinkles and creases people my age do (although I am a fanatic about skin care and staying out of the sun — but that’s for another post), but my facial lines don’t look THAT BAD in my bathroom mirror.  I can stomach looking at them. On the iPhone though, I look like the crypt keeper.  The iPhone takes beautiful pictures, but when you turn on Face Time, something goes horribly wrong.  I thought it would be so cool to see the person you are talking to — NOT!

For safety reasons, I have my kids texts show up on my iPad and for some reason the girls’ Face Time calls come through as well.  I feel bad but I decline the call right away.  I’ll tell the girls to that their friend is trying to reach them but I am not answering it. 

Have you ever accidentally Face Timed someone? That always puts me in a panic because I start hitting buttons to shut it off before the call can go through.  I look like a spaz banging away at the phone.

Maybe Apple is in cahoots with all of the doctors that handle facial injections.  I’m sure Face Time is a huge money maker for those guys 🙂

If I had any guts I’d post a picture of myself on Face Time to let you see what I’m talking about.  Maybe in a future post . . . I’m just getting started here.



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