Really – There’s an Age Limit for Wearing Jeans?

There was an article on Yahoo the other day about a survey that was taken in England about what age people felt it was time to stop wearing jeans.

As an avid jeans wearer and lover of jeans I was very curious to find out what that age was and I was shocked by the answer. The median age from the survey was – wait for it . . .


Now to a 20 or 30-year-old, 53 is probably the equivalent in their mind to age 100, but to someone in their late 40’s, 53 is not that far away and does NOT seem that old.

If you are wearing the same style of jeans that you wore when you were 18 and haven’t updated your look or the awful “mom” jean– then I agree, it is time to let those babies go.  But if you are staying current with the latest jeans styles and keep yourself together, I don’t see any reason why you can’t wear jeans until your 70’s.

The same holds true for the bikini.  Someone asked me whether or not I thought a woman who is 50 should wear a bikini.  I say if she feels good in it or has a great body – why not?  I see plenty of young girls wearing bikinis who should definitely NOT be.  There are two fitness instructors in my gym who recently turned 50 and they look fantastic.  I have seen one of them in a bikini and she ROCKS it!

People have preconceived notions about what people of a certain age look like and with exercise, healthy living, fillers, etc. women look better than ever and are shattering those stereotypes.  A “how to get a job over 40 webinar” that I watched recently said “talk about exercise with the employer so that they know you have enough energy to do the job.”  WHAT? My God, I have more energy than ever.  That cracked me up.  The stereotypical portrait of a 50-year-old really needs to be revised.

I for one, will not be retiring my jeans at 53.

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