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What The Hell Is Causing Holes In My Shirts?

Holes in t-shirts

For the past 5+ years or so I have been getting tiny holes in the bottom of my shirts. It looks a tiny animal took some bites out of my t-shirts. The holes are larger than pin holes and are kind of jagged around the edges. Old shirts, new shirts, no shirt is safe and the location is always on the bottom middle of the shirt. It is so frustrating because some of my t-shirts are really cute and more expensive than others and they are all getting ruined! I can’t afford to keep buying new shirts.

At first I thought it was my washing machine, and since it was old so I got a new one. Then I thought it was bugs in my closet but I washed everything, put down cedar blocks and still got the holes (how could bugs be chewing in the exact same spot on my shirt anyway?). I have been on numerous web forums and there is surprisingly a large population of people with the same problem. Some people were able to fix the issue and the cause of their holes have run the gamut from:

  • A snag on the granite countertop
  • Their seat belt was catching on shirts
  • Some claimed they did have bugs in their closets
  • The tab on their jeans was tearing a hole after rubbing against the counter top at  the sink

The other day I ordered a shirt online and it was brand new out of the bag. At the end of the day I had two holes in the bottom the shirt. What the hell? This confirms that the holes are not from bugs or the washing machine. The shirt came right out of a bag. I went and traced my steps throughout the day and looked at my seat belt again. No dice. There isn’t anything on the underside of the seat belt that would cause the holes by itself. Is my husband playing a sick joke on me? It’s truly maddening.

The only think I can think of is that the combination of wearing-jeans-with-a-t-shirt-while driving-while-wearing-a-seat-belt-is-rubbing-against-the-zipper-on-my-open-coat is somehow ripping the shirt. THIS IS INSANE! But honestly, I have no real clue. I mean, I do I really have to devote time out of my day to track all of my movements to figure this out? Does anyone have a new theory? I am DESPERATE for answers!  I am running around looking like a pauper with little stitches in the bottoms of my shirts.

Give me your suggestions!

Update 11/21/16:  THERE ARE STILL HOLES AT THE BOTTOM OF ALL OF MY SHIRTS.  That’s all I can really say about it.  Grrrrr.